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Why Smart Marketing?

Why is digital marketing confusing? Why does it seem so complicated and so much like a dark art? How do you link it together with other marketing activities and, most importantly, how do you know if it works?

It’s challenging enough running your business, where you often seem to have do everything yourself and get pulled in so many different directions, and that's before you try to get to grips with marketing and the multitude of different digital channels open to you.

How do you know what works, what you should be doing digitally and what should be done using more traditional marketing methods?

And when you do market, how effective is your follow up? We all know that without effective and consistent follow up the money and resources you spend on marketing will, more often than not, be wasted.

How do you find the extra time to do it all? Does your marketing suffer as a result of lack of time and activity? Do you end up a little bit like a rabbit in the headlights, frozen into inaction?

If this sounds a little familiar, then you already know why Smart Marketing Support exists. We provide simple packages that pull together your web presence, digital marketing, telemarketing and prospecting providing you with an integrated and cohesive marketing solution designed to deliver genuine leads for you to then convert and grow your sales.

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Smart Support

Business development solutions that allow you to choose your direction. Become a strategic business owner rather than an owner employed by your business.

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  • Alistair's professional and cost effective market research are helping us shape each phase of our product design and marketing processes Jon Barrett – Webcomm Ltd
  • Alistair has been a valuable partner in helping us gain key market information Carol Filby – Bedfont Scientific Medical
  • We are pleased that we have signed up a number of new contract customers who we would not have met without Smart Marketing Support’s contribution Suzanna Rice - Computer Troublshooters
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