10 Steps to build a

marketing strategy

Step 2

Get in Touch

Get in Touch

Knowing our marketing objectives, we can now move onto mapping out how we will achieve them.

To begin reaching our objectives we first need to know exactly what we do.

It’s amazing how many business owners we meet who are passionate about what they do but when asked to describe what they do, freeze.

Why is this? Usually it’s a combination of modesty, assuming stuff and neglect.

Taking those points in turn:

Neglect. When was the last time you actually thought about what you actually do? It’s easy to get into the mud and bullets of running your business and forget to remind yourself why you do what you do; what makes you special.Set aside time every week to mediate on your specialness; your unique selling points (USPs). If you have staff, ensure that they know your USPs.

It is useful to think in terms of what they want to get out of your products or services. A locksmith doesn’t just sell keys and locks, he sells ‘peace of mind’. A landscape gardener doesn’t just move earth around and plant plants, he creates ‘a peaceful environment in which a the client can relax’. A holiday is not just flights and accommodation it is ‘family time’.

Assuming stuff. When you do something day in and day out, you start to do things without thinking; they become automatic. When you’re talking to clients you assume that they know how you work and, importantly, what other complementary services you offer. Why not ask your existing clients what they think your USPs are? Also take the time to make sure they know about the other services you offer. You may be surprised with the results.

Modesty. Do you hide your light under a bushel? When asked if you’re good, do you blush? It’s in our psyche to underplay what we do. Obviously don’t go over the top but if you have data or testimonials that proves you are good, use it to flesh out your initial proposition.

It is vital that you get this Step right. Getting this right will positively help you with competitor analysis, market segmentation, pricing and your message (more to follow).

As an exercise to help you, imagine you have 7 seconds to introduce yourself and your USPs to a potential prospect. Could you do it?

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