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Get in Touch

Picking up a telephone and speaking to a stranger. Do you enjoy it?

I haven't sold the process to you very well (obviously I have a vested interest not to) but I want to tell you something that I have discovered during my 23 years of using the telephone to further business interests. People tend not to listen to you.

For example, in the times when your GPS lets you down and you need to resort to asking a local (or who you guess is a local) to help you reach your destination how much of the information that they give you do you take on board. Are you with them until the 3rd roundabout? Do you get information fatigue?

It's simpler than you think

In this scenario you are interested in the information being proffered; you want the necessary directions to help you arrive at your destination. Yet you defocus. This is backed up by the accepted NLP truth (Lynn O'Brien - "Parents' Handbook: NLP and Common-Sense Guide for Family Well-Being) that only 15% of people preferred an auditory learning style.

What about the decision maker you wish to impress? What are the chances they are an auditory learner? Coupled with this they have had a busy morning. Are they going to take onboard what you are about to say? The chances are no. The best you can do is distinguish yourself as best you can from the others that are pulling on their time. Indeed, in this situation it's possibly true to say we influence others by how we say what we say more than what we actually say. Be friendly, professional and most importantly aware; read the call, the person and glean any information that will help you reconnect during the following up call.

Appreciating that you will not be (totally) listened to, the fact that you have potentially been an entertaining interlude in their hectic day will serve you well. Now promise to send them information. And send it.

Your calls will be bridges to the information you send through. What is likely to be on the mind of your prospect? Predict the way the calls are going to go. Prepare your information accordingly. Follow through. Remember facts that will help to build rapport (without being creepy). Be adaptable - be human. As much as possible enjoy it.

Telemarketing is just a way of introducing waves of information. Appreciating that will hopefully help you ease into the call. If it doesn?t give me a call.

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