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Do you wonder whether you are marketing your business in the most cost effective and successful way?

Most start ups and small businesses spend large amounts of money on marketing activity that they can’t measure, probably can’t afford and don’t know even if they are working which seems like madness when you think about it.

There is lots of chat about digital marketing, social media engagement, personalised marketing interactions, influencer marketing, responsive websites. Do you know what this all means? Is it important to your business? Should you be investing in it? Where do you start?

We are running a series of 6 workshops to explain all the jargon. We will build your understanding of marketing techniques and how it can work for your business. Over the period of 6 workshops we will actually build a personalised marketing strategy that works for your business, so that you have a plan to work to for 2020 and beyond.

We, at Smart Marketing, have been working with SME’s in the South East for over 5 years. We also have a background in large corporate marketing and tried and tested lead generation and sales techniques which we can translate for the small business market.

You will benefit from qualified marketeer’s insight. We know what works and what will deliver. You will also have the benefit of networking with other like-minded businesses who can share their experiences along the way.on

This is a series of workshops that will evolve and develop your plan as we go along. You need to be available for all the dates to ensure you get a complete plan at the end of the day. Please sign up to all the sessions if you can as then you are guaranteed to get the most from this series of workshops. If not, sign up to session 1, and we will take that booking as confirmed interest in the whole series’

Event details are as follows:





£50 per session

Thurs 31 Oct / 21 Nov / 5 Dec / 13 Dec / 9 Jan

9.30 am registation and networking. 12 noon finish

Studio 7, Halpern Conservancy Board Building, High Street, Rochester, ME1 1PY

We look forward to welcoming you.

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When and where:

Studio 7, Halpern Conservancy Board Building, High Street, Rochester, ME1 1PY