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but you are not getting the results you hoped for


eat low risk solution that produces tangible results for you. Rachel Moore is an experienced a

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nd then put activity in place to deliver the results you want


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Katherine Stevens

achievable marketing activity that delivers results on time and on budget. A real people person

If it's not measured, it's not managed!

This is a standard cry we hear in business and, on the whole, I think it is one we should adhere to. All too often with small business there is precious little measurement and reporting of budgets and activity and then the inevitable questions are asked. …
d hopefully the right marketing mix delivers results. So where does this leave us… to measure what you can measure and use the results to steer your activity going forward. If you

Kent OT

Kent Occupational Therapy
munication strategies would deliver the best results for their highly specialised OT provision. O

10 Steps to Build a Marketing Strategy - Step 2

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